About Me

Dreamer. Writer. Traveler.

I believe in magic, unicorns, and Santa Claus.

I endorse the freedom to love and pursue anything and everything that makes your heart sing. I sometimes use conditioner before shampoo, just to defy protocol.

Struck by wanderlust years ago, I wasn’t officially diagnosed with “resfeber” until late 2014. There are people who believe I can be cured of it. But I know my heart is far beyond and gone. The only known remedy is travel..

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. i remember you used to write awesome bios on orkut for everyone and then slowly you moved to writing notes (which were even more awesome) on fb.. and today you are running your own blog.. as you hav grown.. your writing has grown with you… it kinda reflects your personality which i think is super cool.. there is no pretence.. you hav a way with words.. not at all shy to express what you see and experience.. and the best part is everyone can relate to your writing !! there are no hi-fi words or over the top use of thesaurus (which i btw feel is show off).. the best of experiences can be expressed in the simplest of words in my opinion.. and that you manage to achieve and never ever change that..

    keep writing.. coz i cant wait to read more and see the world in a whole different point through your words…


  2. This is one of those blogs you can instantly relate to ! You have some incredible experiences and it’s an absolute pleasure reading about them.. Can’t wait to read some more !


  3. Really well organized blog ! So much information- I am sure a new traveler to Europe would not have a problem getting along if he reads your blogs and experiences. Keep writing ! Cheers ! ~shan


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