For Vegetarian & Vegan Travellers

Hola! Are you vegetarian or vegan? Does the prospect of travel bring you dietary concerns?Fear not, because I have near perfect solutions for this problem. I grew up vegetarian and was vegan for a while due to health restrictions. I’ll be honest though – I have occasionally eaten meat just to prepare myself for an unpleasant event. But with some careful planning, I assure you that it is very easy to stick to a meatless diet when travelling.

If you are even a half decent cook, hit the supermarket. All hostels have fully equipped kitchens and I advise you to put them to good use. Search for a supermarket in the vicinity of your hostel and pick up some groceries. Here are some of my favourite meal options:

  1. Sandwiches: The easiest quick-fix meal and they are great to carry around.
  2. Salad: I tend to carry small plastic containers for salad. Just in case I can’t find a deli, these quick fix meals come handy. Also, supermarkets have single use salad dressings in plastic cups. This means you don’t have to carry around a bottle of dressing from one town to another!
  3. Veggies and Rice: I learned to make risotto when I lived in Paris and I was quite proud of my skills (having acquired them from Google). I understand that you can’t hog kitchen space and time to whip out a gourmet meal. So, buy some Thai or Chinese rice that is round and soft. This one usually comes out sticky and cooks pretty quickly. In France, Mono Prix has small blue packets of Thai rice. Boil some vegetables on the side and add them to your rice. Since you’re travelling, I assume you won’t have access to sauces. Just add in some onions and garlic for taste. It should do just fine.
  4. Frozen Meals: Ok, this one I do NOT recommend for the simple reason that they are expensive and also don’t taste too good. If you’re desperate, but do not wish to spend on a restaurant meal, head over to Marks and Spencer. I found an entire section of Indian meals in France. They have everything from pakodas to biryani. If you’re travelling in a group, get some frozen pizza. They are available in all supermarkets. The most common ones (in non-meat) are Margherita and 4Fromages (fromage = cheese).
  5. Cookies: This is a cheat-eat. My favourite cookies in the whole wide world are Milka Choco Pause. And before you think about all that dairy, remember that not all cookies have milk. Oreos have soy lechtin! Hide n Seek, in India, also contains soy and is perfectly vegan 🙂

If you’re worried about recipes, try out Yummly. This fantastic website is also available as an app on Apple and PlayStore.

If all else fails, and you decide to eat out, check out HappyCow for vegan and vegetarian dining options near you. This website helps you find vegan and vegetarian restaurants, delis, and supermarkets based on your location! It also lets you key in a city / town so that you can look up dining options before you arrive. How perfect is that?


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