Paris : Airports

OMG you are going to Paris! That’s great. But how are you getting there? Paris has 3 airports and even more train stations. So, let’s take a look at airports today.

Charles de Gaulle also known as the Roissy airport is the main international airport in Zone 5. All major flights from all over the world get in here. It is roughly 27kms (say about 30 mins) from Nord. If you have a lot of bags or are a part of a large group, I suggest you hire a cab. They are available right outside the exit. If you decide to use cheaper means of local transport, head over to the RER from Terminal 2. You can buy tickets from the machines. Don’t worry if you don’t speak French. Use the roll bar to select English and opt for the RER ticket. If you’re just arriving and don’t have a color printed copy of the metro map, now would be a good time to get one. There is no way to figure out rail connections with a black and white copy. All metro lines and RER are in different colours and you will end up lost. The CDG Aéroport is the last stop on the RER B3. This RER covers Nord and Chatelet which means that it’s pretty easy to reach Zone 1. If you don’t want to experience the metro, your other option is to take the Air France shuttle that plies between the airport and Porte Maillot (Line 1 Metro).

Paris Beauvais is a tiny airport that my parents thought looked like someone’s farm. Appearances aside, this airport is your cheap connection to weekend destinations in France and the rest of Europe. If you are a frequent flyer with Ryan Air, this is your stop. The only way to get here from Paris (or to enter the city) is the Airport Bus Service to and from Porte Maillot Pershing bus station. The tickets can be booked online (they cost more at the Pershing station) here. Don’t worry too much about calculating travel time. When you select your flight, the website will automatically suggest a travel slot. Also, these tickets are valid for an entire month starting from the day prior to booked travel date. All tickets have a barcode; make sure you carry a good printout or have the ticket on your handheld device.

Paris Orly can be reached by RER C. Make sure you read the display board on the platform (the Voie) before you board the train. Ensure that the train halts at Pont de Rungis Aéroport d’Orly. The other option is the bus service from Pershing (Porte Maillot) bus station.

Voila! Now you know your Paris airports.

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