the year that was…

It’s been a week since the terror attacks in Paris, the city  I was beginning to identify as home exactly a year ago.

I have lived in three cities across two countries and each place I have called home has only continued to help me grow as a person. Even though I had been living alone long before I moved to France, it is there that I truly began to explore. Wanderlust struck me strong and sure when I traveled to Brussels, merely 5 days after arriving in Europe. I then went on to cover France, Holland, Germany, Monaco, Italy and Spain – in just 5 months. I swore that I won’t rest for a single weekend and that’s exactly what I did. I traveled for 20 straight weeks.

I think a fair number of my friends hit ‘unfollow’ Facebook after my never ending travel updates! But in the end, the vote was unanimous – I absolutely had to write about my experiences on the road. So, this is it. A year too late, but finally here.

Starting now, I will post every week to mark the one year anniversary of those wonderful twenty weeks on the road.


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