I arrived in Frankfurt at 5:50 on Thursday morning. I slept the whole ride from Berlin and was a bit annoyed that we’d arrived in Frankfurt. Five Elements Hostel on Moselstrasse is a 5 minute walk from Mannheimerstrasse / am Bahnhofstrasse. This is fantastic because the train and the bus station are very close to the hostel. I knew I wanted to see Heidelberg even before I started this trip. But for some reason I never booked the tickets. The bus line 033 with MeinFernbus cost me €11,50 each way. There are cheaper tickets for €5 and €8 but not if you want to do a day trip.

I took the 7am bus going to Zurich and arrived in Heidelberg at 8:25. I’d already grabbed a bagel and coffee from the Hbf in Frankfurt so my breakfast was sorted. The Hbf in Heidelberg has Cloud WiFi (flashback Cologne) which needs no registration and is free for unlimited time! The Tourist information office is right outside the station and works from 9-7  (Mon-Sat) and 10-6 (Sundays and Holidays). You can pick up a map as well as buy bus and Castle tickets. The single trip ticket is €1,20 and you can get two (one for the return trip). Don’t forget to validate the tickets on the bus. Bus#33 leaves from behind the information center and you have to get off at the Rathaus. The castle ticket is €6 and includes the BergBahn (Furnicular train) ride. There’s a big sign at the Rathausplatz that says “BergBahn Station”. You can’t miss it. There are restrooms here btw. Go straight up and board the mini train. The first stop is the Schloss. You can visit the terrace, the Medicine museum and take a walk around the ruins. There are some good panaroma points here.

I was done by noon and so I decided to go back to the Altstadt. I boarded the wrong train and ended up at Molkentur which is above the Schloss. Instead of just climbing down, I wondered if it’d be worth climbing further up. The words “panaroma” and “picturesque” were too tempting. So 10 minutes later, I was gasping and panting on my way up to Königstuhl. If there is one thing I haven’t learned since Eze village last Februaury it is this: I have shitty stamina. I have a gym membership btw. And I do use it. Sadly, my body just gives me the finger and my brain says – go get a beer. Will I go vegan again? I have sincere doubts on my willpower. It took me 1.5 hours to get up to Königstuhl. The view wasn’t as beautiful as the French Riviera but I was proud to have done the climb. I celebrated with Kartoffelnsalat, Butterbrezel and a Pilsner. Perfect, right?

It was half past three when I returned to the Rathausplatz. My legs had given up on me. So I took a tiny break on a bench by the water fountain. The old bridge is right behind the town square. I think it looks prettier at night. I walked around for a couple of hours, got an ice cream, and ended my day at Peterskirche. Heidelberg is perfect for a day trip. Don’t miss it if you are anywhere near or in Frankfurt. I met a girl on the bus back. She’s travelling to India for a wedding in December and I am helping her plan a holiday in the north!


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