I left Nuremberg on Tuesday afternoon. The bus for Dresden was late so it was already 8 PM when we pulled into the town. I met a super fun guy on the bus and we decided to talk about our favourite German words. My favourite word is no longer verrueckt, and is now schaetzchen! I spent all day practising it and I don’t think I have it right yet!

Hostel Kangaroo-Stop is in Neustadt. MeinFernBus leaves you at the Hbf. So all you have to do is catch the S1/S2 to Neustadt. It’s just three stops and takes about 10 minutes max. The single trip ticket costs €2,20. As you come out of the Neustadt station, you step onto Albertplatz. The hostel is 300m from there. I was exhausted from the bus journey. It’s a good thing I had cash on me because the hostel didn’t accept cards! Phew! It’s really a big house that has been converted into a hostel. The WiFi was barely working so I decided to just call it a day.

Guess what!? Dresden has a Use-IT map!  This is by far the coolest thing I know. I used one of these maps in Lille, France last December. These maps are created by the locals of the town. So, what the map does is that it lists all the local favorite places to eat, drink beer and generally have a good time. In Lille, the map suggested a fantastic vegetarian restaurant named Zango and a lovely cafe famous for hot chocolate in the town centre. It was -1 degree and hot chocolate was just what I needed 🙂 Nobody in the town pays to be on this map. So rest assured that you will get some genuine recommendations.
I woke up super early and went out for a walk. I bought a diary for a travel scrapbook and some supplies. There are two beautiful fountains not far from Antonstrasse. I enjoyed a quiet breakfast here on Wednesday morning. There’s a fantastic supermarket right next to Erna-Bergerstrasse and I made a mental note to stop here in the evening. Instead of entering the Altstadt via Marienbruecke, I decided to cross the river a little further down from the Altstadt and then walk right towards the Hofkirche and Schlossstrasse. You cross the Maester’s gallery and some exhibitions here. The buildings are breathtaking. To think that this town was flattened! One look at the Frauenkirche and you will understand fully what rebuilding it after the war must have been like. The entrance to the church is from door D. Be prepared to be awed. This is without a doubt the most beautiful altar. And I say this, despite the fact that my heart permanently resides in Sacre Coeur, Paris. The lower church is a quite zone for prayer. The sculptures are beautiful and thought provoking.

Once you exit the church, you can walk right, past the information point and towards the bridge where you’ll see the Hofkirche. Continue straight on the Schlossstrasse, cross the Hauptmarket, continue further on Seestrasse till you reach Pragerstrasse. This is the main shopping district. On the way can take a detour to the Semperoper, Zwinger, Residenzschloss and Stadtmuseum.  I didn’t stop anywhere expect the church and later to pet the horses behind Hofkirche. 

I returned at 6 with two dead feet. My roommates – Herbert, Igor and Caio had been biking and returned in a state not dissimilar to mine. They had still been sleeping when I stopped by before noon. So we sat down to talk incessantly. Turns out they are also headed to Prague! By midnight we had discussed languages, Indian movies, Brazilian dancing, the French people (our exasperation) and lots more. We are hoping to do some cycling together in Prague!


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