Doku Zentrum, Nuremberg

if you have been to Dachau or Aushchwitz, Nuremberg is where you get your closure. Home to the Nazi Party rallies and later the Holocaust trials, this is a wonderful town with excellent architecture and lots of history.

The Documentation a enter and Nazi Part rally ground is a slightly outside the city. It takes about 15 minutes by tram from the Hbf. I do not recommend walking this distance. Tram numbers 6 and 9 will take you there. The Doku Zentrum is the last stop so you should have no trouble getting there. The tram leaves you right in front of the building. You can buy the tickets from the electronic ticket vending machine. The Tagesticket (covers all trips for the day) costs €5,40. You don’t need to validate the ticket once you get on the Wag, but do write your name on it. Family and group tickets are also available.

The Doku Zentrum is the largest and I believe the only remaining NSDAP building standing today. It has been maintained beautifully. The ticket for adults costs €5,00 and includes an audio guide. The exhibition is informative and engaging. If you enjoy history and wish to learn more about the Reichstag, I suggest you take 2-2.5 hours to complete the exhibition. At the end of the exhibit is a viewing deck for the grounds.

* The courtroom is in a different part of the town and was closed today but I’d recommend seeing it.


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