Where do we begin?

To be honest, there are two types of people. The first are those who are never at peace in their own homes and make their life about travel. The people who suffer from Ecophobia. These are probably the Lonely Planet writers and the likes of Ranbir Kapoor’s character in YJHD. Then there’s rest of us who take the occasional time off from work. This post is for us abominable creatures.

Let’s start at the very beginning. I warn you that it can get tough. I implore you to be strong and follow the steps listed below. I assure you that one day you shall succeed.

  1. Check your bank account balance.
  2. If there is not enough money to travel, you need a financial advisor. So, get one. 
  3. If there is enough money to execute a holiday plan, albeit a short one, pick a destination.
  4. Start your research on selected destination and fix a tentative travel schedule.
  5. If your mind tells you that it is better to postpone the trip to focus on your education/career/relationship, call me. I will tell you how stupid that thought is.

Now, there can be other deterrent factors that can impede the successful execution of a travel plan. Below are excellent responses to such deterrents.

  • If your boyfriend / girlfriend makes a scene about you going off on a solo trip, break up with them. Trust me, it won’t be that great a loss. Especially if you are in India. There’s 1.2 billion people here. I am sure you’ll find someone else.
  • If your boss tells you to reschedule / cancel for a meeting / training / for any or no particular reason, please feel free to resign. You will get a new job later. What you probably won’t get is another perfect opportunity to travel. Everything is in the now.
  • If your parents express their discomfort about the idea of you travelling alone, talk to them. They are probably too keenly aware of your abysmal sense of direction and therefore not endorsing this idea.  (My parents are absolutely amazing. My mum proudly announced that I got the wanderlust gene from her. Dad gave me a shopping list)

Congratulations! You are now ready to travel. Go grab that backpack!


One thought on “Where do we begin?

  1. Hi Isana, an amazing post by you….Putting your experience in black and white will definitely help many of us…. A flawless effort!!!


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